The creative process is like a train chugging along its tracks. If you sit and listen, you can hear the distant train whistle as it heads into the edge of town. You are welcome to jump on the train, if you dare, and take it for a ride. Sometimes the rides are free; sometimes they come with a cost. If you ride that train, then you can’t stop the train from deviating from the track – to do so would bring destruction to you as well as the train. For the engine to pull into its destination, you have to sit back and let the train take its course. There are valleys, mountains, tunnels, forests, and bridges. The train must pass through whatever is placed along its path to reach the destination. When the train pulls into the station, if your journey has been satisfactory, you want to share that journey with others. You say, “Come on. Trust me. This ride is worth your time.” Sometimes you realize the journey wasn’t worth the time and you tuck your experience away, keeping it to yourself as you look for the next train to come along.

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