Who I Am: Reflections From Ephesians 1 and 2

This collection of reflections delves into the initial two chapters of Ephesians, exploring the profound implications of our identity in the eyes of God.

Far too frequently, we allow ourselves to be disheartened by the opinions of others, and even more detrimentally, by our own self-perception. However, when we align our perspective with God’s, a remarkable transformation occurs—a transformation that can only be accomplished through the work of Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Within these concise reflections from Ephesians, you will discover a renewed understanding of your true self in Christ. You are blessed, chosen, holy, and blameless. You are adopted, loved, and showered with grace. You are redeemed, forgiven, and abundantly bestowed upon. You possess knowledge, are predestined, and are embraced in Christ. You are marked with a seal, called to hope, and endowed with power. You are valued, alive, raised up, and intricately fashioned by God’s hand. You are brought near, a fellow citizen, a member of God’s household, and a cherished dwelling.

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Dr. Jerry D. Ingalls, author and pastor – Who I Am will edify any believer who reads it, from the most technical of readers who needs to take time to get out of his/her head and get back into the heart of Christianity, to the casual devotional reader who needs some deeper, yet accessible, truths about who they are in Christ. This book is accessible for all believers, and it is timely as IDENTITY is a major battle ground in our culture today.