Reflections into Inspiration

As I delved into crafting the reflections for Who I Am, something profound occurred to me. I felt compelled to share these words from a personal perspective, a journey into how God perceives me.

Somewhere along this beautiful path of reflection, it struck me like a gentle revelation – these words could become a source of inspiration for a broader audience. An idea sprouted within me; why not transform this journey into a book that uplifts fellow believers in their Christian walk?

Maintaining the first-person narrative was a conscious choice. Why, you ask? Because it’s about more than just words on pages; it’s about helping each reader envision themselves basking in the light of God’s favor. When you read those pages, it’s not “You are loved. You are blessed.” No, it’s more intimate – “I am loved. I am blessed.”

This distinction is transformative. It’s a shift that empowers every reader to internalize these truths and perceive themselves through the eyes of God’s unwavering love.

So, as this endeavor unfolds, my hope is that these reflections-turned-words of encouragement find their way into hearts seeking solace and strength. Here’s to embracing our true selves in the embrace of divine love.

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