Reflecting on a Productive June

As June draws to a close, I can’t help but feel accomplished and grateful for the growth I’ve experienced. 🌱 I’m thrilled to announce the revised and updated version of The Purity Pledge, specially tailored for young adult readers. Who I Am received positive feedback from advanced readers. I’ve added thought-provoking journal questions to each chapter, and group discussion questions are on the way. 📘🖊️

Awaiting the arrival of the second and third revisions of the cover for The Purity Pledge has me eager to make a decision on which one to go with. 📚🎨 Balancing the marketing for two ready books may seem challenging, but I’ve already taken a head start and will diligently prepare for their staggered release – ‘Purity’ in July/August and ‘Who I Am’ in September/October. 📆🚀

Although a new fiction release in the fall is no longer feasible, I’m delighted to present a fresh edition of my short story collection, ‘A Light in the Darkness and Other Stories,’ which will be published by Northside Books & Media, an AGF Imprint and will become my fall focus. 📖✨ Additionally, stay tuned for my upcoming nonfiction works compiled into ‘It Is Well With My Soul’ and the poetry collection ‘The Pen of a Skillful Writer and Other Poems,’ both anticipated to be released in 2024. 📚🎉

The excitement builds as I embark on the prewriting stages of my new fiction book, which I plan to develop throughout July and August before the school year commences. 📝🏫 Furthermore, I’m eagerly preparing a workshop on ‘Spiritual Journaling’ for the fall, complete with accompanying journals designed to enhance the experience. 📚📝

As autumn approaches, I am preparing to teach a Sunday School class centered around the book of John. This class aims to offer a comprehensive overview for new believers, paving the way for deeper study opportunities later. 🍂📖

Despite a busy June, thanks to teaching summer school each morning, my endeavors have been fruitful. The seeds I’ve sown are poised to bear the sweet fruits of success. 🍎🌳 I’m grateful for the opportunities ahead and excited for what the future holds in store! 🌟📚